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Welcome to this small and simple faq on how to install and run games downloaded on this site !
First thing is first, you will need to have the following tools to take full advantage of everything on this site;

-Windows XP (with Japanese Language regional settings installed, more on that later).

-Winrar (www.rarlabs.com) (used to extract .rar files into the cd image)

-Alcohol 120% ( www.alcohol-soft.com ) Used to mount the cd image files, or burn them to disc.


-Daemon Tools ( www.daemon-tools.cc ) Used to mount cd images only.

Once you have all these things installed, we will be ready to begin !!


How to setup Windows XP to run Japanese Games
First off, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow all these steps before asking for help with this section, 95% of the people who ask for help here and state that they did everything only did the first part of the process.
- Make sure your Windows XP disc is inserted in your CD-Rom/DVD-Rom drive before beginning, Windows will need to copy some files over to your hard drive.

Steps to Install Japanese Language settings on your Windows XP system;

-Click the start button on the system tray
-Go to Settings
-Go to Control Panel
-Go to Regional and Language Options
-Click the Tab labeled "Languages"
- The second box on this page has a check box labeled " Install files for East asian languages" Please Check this box.
- Hit 'Apply' it will copy some files over to your drive so that you can view the fonts for all asian languages. (we are not done yet :) )
- If it asks you if you want to restart, click no, we still have some work to do :)
-Click the tab labeled "Advanced"
- Under the box labeled "Language for non-unicode programs" select the pulldown menu and find and select "Japanese".
-Click 'Apply'. You will then need to restart your computer.

Congratulations, you will now be able to view Japanese fonts and play Japanese games :)


How to run games downloaded on the site
Please make sure you followed the steps to setting up Windows XP to run Japanese fonts and software (above section) before this step !
- You Will Need one or the other; Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. (Steps to use both are provided. You WILL need WinRar.

First; After downloading the games from the site you will have a couple options depending on the filetype;

-If the file is a .rar, .r## (would be .r01, .r02, etc) you will need to extract it with Winrar. If you have it installed, just right click the .rar file and select 'extract here' or 'extract to #####' (folder named after file).
-For games like A-GA, which are too big to host in one file due to File server size restrictions, just run the .bat file that came with it, it will combine the file into one big file, this could be a .rar, or it could be the cd-image itself. If it is a rar, follow the above instructions :)

You are now left with a file(or files) that makeup the cd-image, there are dozens of filetypes for this, but you don't have to worry about any that are not (.mds, .iso, or .ccd, on rare occasions there are .nrg as well).

How to run games using Daemon-Tools;

- For starters, make sure you have installed Daemon-Tools, and restarted your PC. This should leave you with a small red icon on the bottom right of the screen with a white circle and a red lightning bolt in the middle of it. If not, then navigate to the Daemon-Tools install directory and run the .exe.
-Right click the icon on the bottom of the screen.
-Go up to Virtual CD-ROM/DVD-ROM >
-Select Device 0 >
-Select Mount Image
-Navigate to the folder you have extracted the CD Image to and double click it, this will mount the cd on the fake cd drive/dvd drive.
- Most games will autoplay and bring up the install menu, just install it (you will eventually get the nack for understanding which buttons do which).
-You are good to go !!!

****NOTE**** I do not support Daemon-Tools in any way. They used to be a freeware service, but they now install some adware when you download the newest version. As such, I no longer will support this product. Info on using it can be found on the forums though. ( http://hentaimegaworld.proboards30.com )

How to run games using Alcohol 120%;

-First, make sure Alcohol 120% is installed on your PC, make sure you have restarted you computer.
-Run Alcohol 120%.
-Just drag your CD Images into the empty window on the Alcohol 120% interface, you can then double click them to mount them whenever you want.
- Most games will autoplay and bring up the install menu, just install it (you will eventually get the nack for understanding which buttons do which).
-You are good to go !!!

****NOTE**** Alcohol 120% also allows you to burn games to discs using the Image burning Wizard on the lefthand side menu. This is an excellent feature that Daemon doesn't provide. The demo version of Alcohol is available on the site listed above, and it is definetly worth purchasing if you wish to do that.